24 November, 2020

The new revolution: nutraceutics

Changes in eating habits are becoming a current trend in much of the world, that is why, more and more people are hearing about nutraceuticals, due […]
16 November, 2020
Marine Collagen Benefits

Marine collagen and its benefits

For centuries people have consumed collagen in the form of bone broth as an aid to bone and joint health, and more recently as a support […]
6 November, 2020

Vitamin C and the importance of including it in our routine

We have all ever heard of the benefits that Vitamin C has for our body, but first of all … What is Vitamin C?  Vitamin C, […]
29 October, 2020
How to keep your defenses up

How to keep your defenses up

Autumn is coming and, with it, the dreaded colds and flu. The drop in temperatures and the high humidity are favorable environmental conditions for their propagation. […]
4 July, 2018
Chondroprotectors and osteoarthritis

Chondroprotectors and osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the buzzword in Traumatology consultations. In the face of any joint pain there will always be someone who will tell you “that’s osteoarthritis”. They […]
19 June, 2018
rheumatic patients

Decalogue for rheumatic patients in summer

Is it possible for rheumatic patients to travel to exotic countries? What can’t you forget to pack? How and how much medicine to take? What if […]
23 April, 2018

Osteoarthritis: origin, symptoms and treatment

Approximately half of the adult population over 50 years of age shows radiological signs of osteoarthritis of the knee, although it is more common in women, […]
21 February, 2018
Biological medicinal

The risks of substituting biological medicinal without doctor’s authorization

Biological medicinal are not generic, therefore they are not replaceable by pharmacy commissions. “In fact, the substitution between biologicals is the sole responsibility of the prescribing physician, […]
20 February, 2018
rheumatic diseases

Experts warn of an increase in rheumatic diseases

Nearly 2 million andalusians suffer from rheumatic diseases, as it’s estimated that these pathologies affect one of four people (over 20 years old), which reflects their high prevalence, […]
20 February, 2018
chondroitin sulphate

Effectiveness of chondroitin sulfate for osteoarthritis confirmed

Chondroitin sulphate is a safe and effective treatment for people with osteoarthritis, according by the Collaboration Cochrane study, which has reviewed, evaluated and synthesized the different […]