BLISSCARE, a company of the pharmaceutical sector. The quality and innovation of our products are our challenge. We offer therapeutic solutions, nutritional supplements (BLISS products) and the state of theart medical equipment.

Our team is made up of professionals from various areas of the pharmaceutical sector and, in addition, we have the support and advice from different medical specialists for the development of all our formulas and products.

Our R&D department works in collaboration with health professionals to develop formulas that contribute to a greater well-being of people.


Youth and experience

BLISSCARE is a young company with remarkable experience in the pharmaceutical sector, born to take care of your well being.

Response to medical concerns

The BLISSCARE project was born from the concerns of professionals in the medical sector, to bring the best therapeutic novelties to improve the day to day of the patient.

Quality and innovation

The quality and innovation of pharmaceutical formulations are the main challenges that move us, without forgetting that BLISSCARE products meet the highest safety standards for our customers.


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